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Welcome to 10th SOC homepage!

Welcome to the home of the 10th Special Operations Command.
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Realworld Operations

Most of our operations are designed and influenced by real combat Veterans. Operations are designed to be as immersive and realistic as possible while also being fun
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Our dedicated servers host our training servers, operation servers and soon to be public Invade and Annex server
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    Uniform Code of Military Justice

    Customs and Courtesies

    1. Acknowledge any Officerthat approaches you in game.
    2. Refer to Commissioned Officers and Warrant Officers as “Sir” or “Ma’am”
    3. Civilians are to be addressed as “Sir” or “Ma’am”
    4. Refer to Non-Commissioned Officers by rank.
    1. If there are multiple NCOs of the same rank, use rank then name.
    1. Never question a Commissioned Officer, Warrant Officer, or Non-commissioned officer in the presence of others.
    1. Answers to questions asked by an Officer, Warrant Officer, or NCO are to be answered concisely.  Do not give an unnecessary reply.
    2. If you feel the orders absolutely must be questioned, do so privately with the one who issued those orders after the event in question.
    3. Orders issued by your superiors will be followed without hesitation, and you will perform them to the best of your abilities.  In combat especially, discussion of orders in combat is unacceptable and will result in disciplinary action.


    Recruit Training

    1. Recruits will complete the Delayed Entry Program prior to being assigned to battalions.
    1. If under Selection, this rule does not apply.
    1. Recruits may complete BCT/AIT during this time, but not Ranger School, PJ School, etc until at least E-3, Or E-2 with SOC approval
    2. Recruits will need Teamspeak and Arma 3 in order to participate.
    3. All recruits are required to have a working microphone.
    1. May be waived by SOC.
    1. Under no circumstances are civilians permitted to observe training.  Either take it or don’t.


    In-Game Conduct

    1. All public members will be respected.
    2. When joining a 10SOC official server, always fall in to the appropriate slot.
    3. Team killing is forbidden at all times, on all servers.
    4. Do not steal assets from other players.
    5. Keep global chat to a minimum, stick to your side and group chats.
    6. During Matches/Scrims/Operations, only command staff are allowed to chat over global.
    7. If someone is being disrespectful, ignore them.  If the problem persists, notify your chain of command or the most conveniently available server admin.
    8. Always conduct yourself with discipline and professionalism, regardless of which servers you are on, and in all forms of communication.
    9. Dishonest game play will not be tolerated.
    1. Example of dishonest game play include, but are not limited to: Hacking, Ghosting, Comms Ghosting, Glitching, Personal Ad-dons, Abuse of another game mechanic for personal gain.
    1. Soldiers will exercise self control with their substances of choice.
    1. While in game especially, members exhibiting behaviors that display lack of control will be removed.

    Disciplinary Actions - Article 15s

    1. Summary Grade
    1. Used for Minor Disciplinary Infractions
    2. Referred to S2 by Platoon HQ
    3. Formalized Warning
    4. Punishment is limited to verbal counseling and loss of TIS.
    5. Company Grade
    6. Used for moderate offenses  and/or repeat offenses of minor disciplinary infractions.
    7. Referred to S2 by Battalion HQ.
    8. Punishment is limited to loss of 1 rank and verbal counseling.


    1. Field Grade - Issued by 10SOC Command
    1. Reserved for highest infractions and/or repeat offenses of moderate infractions.
    2. Punishment is limited to loss of up to two grades of rank for E4 and below.
    3. Punishment is limited to loss of up to one grade of rank for E5 and above.
    4. May also be punishable by discharge subject to SOC discretion.


    Court Martial

    1. Used to counter an Article 15.  This option is available for the alleged offender to dispute their case before the S2 commander for judgement.
    1. Also may be used by SOC command as a final disciplinary action resulting in Discharge of the accused if they are found guilty.
    2. Can only be issued by S2 OIC or 10SOC commander.
    1. Court Martials are split into phases.
    1. Phase 1: Closed meeting by a tribunal consisting of 10SOC commander, S2 OIC, and the accused’s Battalion Commander.
    2. Phase 2: The defendant will be questioned by the Tribunal, at which point they will present evidence supporting their case.
    3. Phase 3: Deliberation.  The accused is dismissed and the Tribunal meets again to go over all aspects of the situation, including the defendant’s testimony and any evidence offered.
    4. Phase 4: Sentencing.  The accused is returned to the room where the 10SOC commander will announce the verdict as well as the punishment.



    1. Honorable
    1. Given to a soldier who has shown exemplary marks while in 10SOC
    2. Can wear the 10SOC uniform with rank of RET
    3. Same rights as full member
    4. Restricted from official unit events
    5. Must be rank of E5+, CW3+, 1LT+ to be earned.
    1. General
    1. Given to a soldier leaving the unit
    2. Required to remove 10SOC uniform
    3. Same rights as public member
    4. Restricted from official unit events
    1. Dishonorable
    1. Given to a soldier who has disgraced the unit name
    2. Given to a soldier found multi-clanning
    3. Banned from all 10SOC assets
    4. May be appealed by SOC



    1. Soldiers who have received an honorable discharge are eligible to reenlist.
    2. Soldiers who have received a general discharge and have received command staff approval are eligible to reenlist.
    3. Soldiers who have received a dishonorable discharge are ineligible to reenlist.
    4. Upon reenlistment, soldiers will not retain rank achieved at time of discharge.
    5. Soldiers will be required to go through all initial entry training in order to fulfill enlistment requirements.
    6. Soldier who fail enlistment requirements will not be eligible to reenlist until they can complete them.


    Leave of Absence

    1. Soldiers are required to post LOA if they are going to miss training, operations, or other mandatory unit activities.
    2. Soldiers who will be gone longer than one week will be required to post LOA.
    3. If a soldier will be gone longer than one month, an Extended LOA must be posted no more than 48 hours prior to leave.
    4. Soldiers on ELOA are exempt from rules 8.1 and 8.2
    5. Real Life Comes First.  No disrespect towards a member who has to stop what they are doing to attend real world affairs will be tolerated.


    Voice Servers

    1. Always be located in the appropriate channel in the Discord and TeamSpeak server.
    2. If you are pulled away and are unable to communicate, notify someone of your inactivity before you go.
    3. Under no circumstances are you to enter a room and immediately start talking.  Be respectful of others and wait for your chance.
    4. Radio Discipline
    1. Relaxed Radio
    1. Free speech within bounds of Rank Discipline
    2. Open discussions are welcome
    3. No politics
    4. No religion
    5. No music/soundboards etc over voice channels.
    1. Combat Radio
    1. Combat relevant topics only
    2. Call out contacts, items of interests, etc.  Remember Direction, Distance, Description.
    3. Keep radio clear unless mission critical.
    4. AKA “Tac-Comms”
    1. Unit Ready Radio
    1. Chain of Command is to be followed at all times.
    2. Squad radio follows Tac-Comms.
    3. Proper communication between units is required.
    4. Call-signs will be used.
    1. If you are in game, you are required to be logged onto Discord/TeamSpeak and in the appropriate channel.



    1. Mandatory Training will be scheduled a minimum of 3 days prior to execution.
    2. Voluntary Training may be held without prior scheduling.
    3. Refer to rule 8.1 for policy on LOA from mandatory training.
    4. Soldiers during training will maintain combat readiness at all times.
    5. Failure to maintain combat readiness may result in additional required training subject to battalion staff discretion.
    6. Excessive leaving during or prior to training will resuilt in reassignment to Reserve status.
    1. Soldiers in Reserve status will not be allowed to attend operations until they can complete trainings more regularly.



    1. You will earn your rank when you earn it.  Do not ask for a promotion.
    1. Asking for a promotion may result in disciplinary action up to and including loss of rank.
    1. If you have questions regarding your ranks and what requirements must be met, follow your chain of command.
    2. Address all members by rank unless in Jackalopes Bar and Grill.
    3. Address all members of other mil-sim units by rank.
    4. Discord

    5. Keep General chat clean.  Relevant communication only.
    6. Rank discipline is enforced outside of Jackalopes Bar and Grill.
    7. Though Jackalopes is a “Free for all”, offensive topics and posts are subject to deletion.
    1. This includes but is not limited to: Race, Gender, Religion, Sexual Preference, Porn, Suicide, Politics.
    1. War Crimes

    1. Anyone caught committing any of the below offenses is subject to disciplinary action dictated by SCOM and SOC.
    1. It is forbidden to kill or injure a soldier who has surrendered or is unable to fight back.
    2.  Captured combatants are entitled to respect for their lives, dignity, personal rights and convictions and must be protected against all acts of violence and/or reprisals.
    3. There will be NO executions of civilian or enemy personnel without being sentenced by a trial first.
    1. Trials are only to be presided by the S2 OIC or SOC HQ.
    1. It is prohibited to employ weapons or methods of warfare of a nature to cause unnecessary losses or excessive suffering.
    1. These weapons include but are not limited to: Gas, Nuclear, Phosphorus, Flame.