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Welcome to 10th SOC homepage!

Welcome to the home of the 10th Special Operations Command.
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Realworld Operations

Most of our operations are designed and influenced by real combat Veterans. Operations are designed to be as immersive and realistic as possible while also being fun
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Our dedicated servers host our training servers, operation servers and soon to be public Invade and Annex server
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    December Newsletter







    Whew, what a crazy ride the last few months.  This is the first installment of our newsletter.  This will evolve over time as we figure out what categories we want to talk about etc.


    So we have had the awards and ribbons for some time.  However we never had the opportunity to get them on the site.  With over 40 ribbons and awards this was a bit of a large task. Thanks to the Materiel Command and @Winters we have successfully uploaded all the awards.  You can check them out here. We will work to making sure we add more ribbons and awards for everyone to earn.  Also, keep on the looking for some potential achievement awards too.

    S-Shop Restructuring

    You make have seen that we have done a lot with the S-Shops.  We have retired the idea of the S-Shop and have stood up command structures around various support functions for the unit.  This allows us the flexibility to expand units and divisions within these over arching commands as we continue to grow.

    2000px-TRADOC_patch.svg.png  TRADOC: This command is being head up by @MAJ St.John.C.  This command oversees SOCREC (Recruiting ), Training , and admin work.  They will be responsible for bringing in new members, designing the training doctrine, and updating personnel records etc.  This is a very critical command that ensures ongoing success and growth for the 10th SOC.

    amc.png  Materiel Command: This command is being commanded by @Winters.  This command overseas many aspects of the logistics and technology with 10thSOC.  IOCOM falls under MCOM and they are responsible for the servers that we play on, as well as various other technology requirements such as the website, discord integration etc.  Anything that involves technology such as videos, servers, websites, logos and graphics etc all come from MCOM.

    10th SFG Updates

    The ODA continues to impress great values and high level gameplay.  Their members go through a tough 3 week training to become some of the elite operatives in the unit.  With @Winters at the helm, they are seeing consistent growth and consistent achievement.

    75th RR Updates

    The rangers have been very busy this last month.  They have grown very heavily and have actually stood up a second platoon.  This is proof that with great leadership, commradre and engaging operations, we can achieve great numbers.


    Edited by MAJ Benality

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