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    • Member bio is something that I have been wanting to publish for some time.  It's a great way to get to know certain members of the unit.  Members chosen will be completely random, based on activity and longevity with the unit. 

      In the first installment of "Member Bio"  I was able to pin down 1SGT Gonsalves of the 75th RR. 

      1. Would mind sharing a real life photo of yourself?
      Depending what it would be used for. "I'll think about it".

      2. Where are you from originally?
      St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

      2.1 If you are a veteran, would you mind giving us some insights into your career?
      I think you know this already but: 28 years in the Army. Served 10 years in the Infantry in 7th ID and 82nd ABN DIV. 18 years in Special Forces most of which was with 7th SFG(A). Hell of a ride, no regrets.

      2.2 What was the most memorable time you have had in the military?
      4 rotations overseas with JSOC or my peacetime deployment to Brazil......the details of both I'd rather not discuss....for completely different reasons.

      3. What are your top three movies? In no particular order:
      Kelly's Heros, BlackHawk Down, Last of the Mohicans

      4. What was the first game you remember really enjoying?
      Microsoft Flight Simulator

      5. Why/When did you join 10th SOC?
      March 2018. Wanted to escape the imaturity on the public servers and work individuals who worked together for a common goal.

      6. What's the most memorable time you have had with the unit since joining?
      One the Ops I did with the unit in Arma. Senario with was very similar to a real life experience in Iraq.

      7. Do you know any unit members in real life?

      8. What game do you feel every person should play at least once?
      I'm not what you would call a gamer, but I would say Arma 3 because of the almost limitless realistic possibilities that can be done in the game.

      9. In the perfect world, what would you like to see the 10th SOC accomplish in the 6-12 months?
      Double in size.

      10. What would be your strategy in fighting a bear? As a mentor once told me with regards to urban combat, the same mentality applies:
      "Bring a gun, preferably a caliber of which does not start with anything smaller than “4”. Ideally, bring at least two guns, long and short. Bring all of your friends who have guns." His words of wisdom has kept me alive for many years.


    • Well, not really new.  We have been in Invision in the past.  A lot of Mil-Sim units use this platform and I feel it's good for what we use it.  The original plan was to build a custom website that had all the tools that we need as a unit.  However, with time constraints and being only one person working on it, there was no real end in sight. Even though I am tabling that project for now, the plan is still at some point down the line to move into a custom platform.  

      With that being said.. you will see a lot of the older features that we used to use on Invision return.  And some of them will not.  For instance, we will not have a requirement to login to the site each week as we had in the past.  Nor will the website manage any Discord channels etc.  These were interesting features in the past, but not really anything that we used much. Plus it was buggy and didn't work all that well. 

      One thing you will notice is the option to register and login using Steam.  Syncing your steam account will be required for every member.  If you are just a guest on the site, this is not required if you don't wish to use your Steam account.


      Clubs will be used for each Unit to have their own place to organize and communicate with members.  It will also help with managing rosters. 
      Awards!!!  We will be implementing the ribbon system @BG Gardner.CG Gardner.C made and having that integrate with the website.  Great addition to our unit. 

      As we continue to figure out fun ways to use the site, the most important thing to remember is that we are here to have fun while being the best Mil-Sim unit around.  Use the site as a way to enhance that fun and make it better. 

      Jawbreaker out

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    10th Special Operations Command "10SOC", formerly 10SFG, is a MilSim unit with nearly 10 yrs of dedication and history. Home to three distinct SF units: 10th Special Forces Group, 75th RR Bn., 160th SOAR. We are an Arma 3 and Squad Mil-Sim gaming community. Through training, tactical play, and MilSim culture, we form a brotherhood in our ranks unlike any other. There is a place for everyone. You will have the option to tryout for any Battalion you wish after completing our Delayed Entry Program. Only the best and dedicated members will be accepted into the Bn. of their choosing